Day 49… 50… 51… where is this week’s episode?

(audio is pretty much same as the show notes, but I recorded it for anyone who just gets podcast updates and doesn’t check this site 🙂 )

Hola from Cordoba!

So as you may have noticed, there has not been a new jdwas episode this week. Last week my sister was in town, so much of my time was spent with her and not working on this week’s podcast. I have an episode (mostly) written, but family and work (rightly) took priority this week. Thank you for your patience as I figure out how best to communicate with you about the status of episodes and expectations for the release schedule.

I wanted to get the episode originally scheduled for the 19th of February out Monday, then yesterday, then today, but I think–for my own sanity–I will release this episode on the 26th of February (this coming Monday) instead. This will allow me to “get back on the horse”, i.e. my regular Monday morning release schedule and maintain consistency going forward.

If you have any questions, comments, or stories to share on the podcast, please drop me a note (written or record some audio) at – hope to hear from you all!

Talk to you next week <3

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