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3 Airports & Connecting Flights & People – 09

Transition Day last Saturday – spent the day in the air and in airports (COR > SCL > LIM), so that’s caused another 12 hour delay in the release time.

In today’s episode: airports, observations, group dynamics, thinking about connections moving forward, and another Brene Brown quote. Here she is at Super Soul Sessions talking about the Anatomy of Trust (not where the quote comes from, but thematically relevant)

2 Worlds 1 Family & 0 Tarzan – 08

  • Shamelessly pulling from Phil Collins’ Tarzan soundtrack for this week’s episode title
  • Glowtrotter guest Gunther (check out his blog here) as well as snippets from my sister (again)
  • Screenplay character interview and recounting my last day in the sierras in my last week in Argentina
  • Quotes from The Mysterious Benedict Society and Thomas Buechner
  • Post-credits outtakes from the interview

Day 49… 50… 51… where is this week’s episode?

(audio is pretty much same as the show notes, but I recorded it for anyone who just gets podcast updates and doesn’t check this site 🙂 )

Hola from Cordoba!

So as you may have noticed, there has not been a new jdwas episode this week. Last week my sister was in town, so much of my time was spent with her and not working on this week’s podcast. I have an episode (mostly) written, but family and work (rightly) took priority this week. Thank you for your patience as I figure out how best to communicate with you about the status of episodes and expectations for the release schedule.

I wanted to get the episode originally scheduled for the 19th of February out Monday, then yesterday, then today, but I think–for my own sanity–I will release this episode on the 26th of February (this coming Monday) instead. This will allow me to “get back on the horse”, i.e. my regular Monday morning release schedule and maintain consistency going forward.

If you have any questions, comments, or stories to share on the podcast, please drop me a note (written or record some audio) at – hope to hear from you all!

Talk to you next week <3

4 Flatmates & the Chameleon Identity – 05

Many thanks to Ellyn for joining me for today’s lively conversation on personal identification, habits, changing your mind and values, graduate school, family, imposter syndrome, and a whole bunch more.

Be sure to visit and peruse Ellyn’s website, and check out her 15minsforme movement on Instagram!

p.s. pro tip to anyone starting a podcast with their phone as their recording device: mute your notifications when recording. There’s a bonus chime in this episode that I haven’t mastered the skills to edit out yet 😉

8 Years 3 Weeks 6 Days – 04

Many events to reflect on this week, and ready or not the world keeps turning and there’s more to come. Let’s go.

Mentioned in today’s episode:

And if you’re not familiar with Klaus, Sunny, and Violet, A Series of Unfortunate Events was one of my favorite series growing up. Here’s the wiki page.

4 Army Men & 2 Dragons – 02

Bit late getting this episode out; meant to have it uploaded Friday, but between my first week working from Buenos Aires and general Remote Year orientation events I had to keeping push uploading the episode later and later. Finally made the time!

While this episode is centered on myself and some of my background coming to the program, I have been meeting and getting to know my fellow RY18 Remotes over the past few days. I’ve had a couple people express interest in perhaps appearing on or even contributing episodes of their own to this podcast. Stay tuned for further updates from Remote Year Aurora here–the episodes are now available through Apple Podcasts and Google Play Podcasts, and if you have a different podcast app, I’m sure you’d be able to listen there as well.

I’ve only had six full days with these humans, but it feels like so much longer. This year is going to be so full of love and life and laughter. I can’t wait to see what happens next.